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Serving South-Eastern Michigan. We come to your vessel.

John's Boat Wash offers many services including:
  • Washing (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or On-Call)
  • Cleaning
  • Waxing
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Teak Wood Restoration and Care

Scroll down to view descriptions of processes and procedures used in each service.


Top quality products are used in all services. Including: Meguiar's or Seapower Boat Cleaner and Wax, Collinite #885 for areronautical and marine applications, 3-M Rubbing Compound, Amazon's Golden Teak Oil or Sikkens.

Washing Process:

When washing is requested the following procedure is used:

  • Boat is Thoroughly Washed with a Soft Brush and Non-Wax Stripping Soap.
  • Boat is Towel Dried.
  • Cockpit Area is Washed and Cleaned including Seat Cushions, Dashboard and Windows.
  • Plexi-Glass Doors, Windows and Hatches are Cleaned with Plexi-Glass cleaner.
  • Fenders are Cleaned.

With weekly washing, your boat can be washed and cleaned on thursday or friday and be ready for you to enjoy every weekend!

Waxing Process:

When you request that your vessel be waxed (whichever plan you choose: superstructure, hull, bottom, or all) the following proceedure is used:

  • Boat is Thoroughly Washed and Cleaned (outside and cockpit area).
  • Boat is further cleaned and waxed with Seapower or Meguiar's Cleaner / Wax by Hand or Buffer as Needed.
  • Finally the boat is polished with Collinite Fleetwax #885 Paste Wax by Hand.

Boat Detailing

Rubbing Out Process:

  • Boat is Thoroughly Washed and Cleaned (outside and cockpit area).
  • Boat is then Rubbed out with quality rubbing compound to remove stains and oxidation. By hand or with buffer if needed.
  • If requested then waxing process above is followed. (Highly Recommended)

Teak Wood Restoration and Care:

  • Teak Wood is Cleaned or Sanded as Needed in Restoration Process.
  • Teak is sealed and treated either with Oil or Sikkens at customer's request.

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